Why Track Your Stores?


Technology, such as LiDAR and 3D sensors, is now available to track the end-to-end customer (and associate) in store tracking. Getting to see how people move, flow and path in real-time or playback is totally cool, but what business purposes does it serve? In this article we’ll explore just a few in store customer tracking capabilities–

• Display Optimization

Your visual merchandisers work hard to create compelling, interesting displays, but are they working and how could they be better? That’s virtually impossible to answer until you can determine pass-by interaction and conversion rates for the display. In-store people tracking technologyenables all of those metrics down to the one-foot level – so you can even determine what sides/positions of a display are most/least effective. If you are a multi-location retailer, just think how powerful it would be to perfect a display’s layout through measurement and testing BEFORE you roll it out to all your store locations. That could improve display conversion rate to levels far surpassing historical benchmarks.

Queue Management

With in store trackingit’s possible to know where everyone -- customers and associates -- are in the store in real-time. That unlocks numerous possibilities for improving customer service but one of the most straightforward is queue management. Do you have goals of what the maximum line length of time should be for your store? It’s easy to tell exactly how long all the queues are in your store, create email or push notification alerts and manage your queues accordingly. If a line length threshold is exceeded a manager or associate can be messaged to shift another staff member to the registers or if your queue is below a threshold an associate can be pivoted to working the floor. It’s even possible to use predictive analytics to recognize when the queue is about to get long so that staff can preemptively open registers. Overall real-time queue management can help improve customer satisfaction while decreasing labor costs through improved efficiency.

• Promotion and Event Effectiveness

Do you run in-store promotions or events? Beyond just understanding if they impacted store traffic, having full journey measurement in place can help retailers evaluate if increased quantities of customers go to the promotion/event areas of the store AND to what degree they engage with the target merchandise. The people tracking technology can give deep insights into what promotions and events are most/least effective at sourcing excellent customers so that retailers can focus only what is most impactful when creating future marketing calendars.

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